Monday, May 31, 2010

First Day of Fishing 2010...

Well I finally wetted a fly line today. No luck on the fly line, but with the wind up, I was also fishing some standard tackle as well.

Started off the fishing in Bass Lake using my newly acquired 9' 9wt rod with some poppers on it. (Earlier in the day, I caught a nice LM bass on standard tackle with a popper). Must say that casting a 9wt is significantly different than casting a 5wt. It's going to take some getting used to fishing that heavy of a rod. Had the wind stayed down, I probably would have stuck with my 5 wt.

For those interested, my 9wt rod is an Orivis PM-10 9' 9wt, paired with a Pfleuger reel.

Nice to get the 2010 version underway. My next fishing trip will be for trout.