Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Fish on a fly I tied

This morning I headed up into the mountains to do some serious fly fishing on some areas that I am familiar with. While I haven't fished the Little Popo before, I've fished its cousin the Middle, and several other streams in the area.

Today, I decided was the day that I am going to fish only my flies until I catch something with a fly I have tied myself. Well it paid off. Fishing for about 5 minutes, I caught my first fish of the day on an Elk Hair Caddis.

I clipped off the fly to save as a memory, and tied on another fly of my own, a Light Cahil. A short time later, I caught a small brookie no bigger than my hand. As the day went on, all brookies were very small.

After a while some weather moved in, bringing thunder and lightning with it. So I went back to the truck for about 45 minutes.

Finally I came across a fly that I believe bdesavage created in one of the monthly swaps. It has antron for a face forward wing, and a furled off hook tail with some hackle as well. The fish loved it for a while on the surface. I let the slime stay on it, and it soon became a sinking fly. That seemed to work just as well. I would cast it into the lane, and let it slowly sink. If the fish ignored it, I'd give it a quick strip to get the fish to notice it. If they noticed it, I'd give it a couple of small strips to keep them enticed, then all I had to do was hang on when they'd take the fly.

Overall, a total of 6 rainbows, and 2 brook trout were brought to hand. I saw several larger fish resting on the bottom. I plan on going back with some streamers in the near future.

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