Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Making my Grandfather's Day

My family is visiting, along with my 84 year old grandfather. One of his requests knowing that we go out fishing was to catch and bring home some fish. He hasn't had fresh caught fish in probably 15 to 20 years that I can recall. So with that in mind my Dad and I headed up to Worthen Meadows with Brook Trout in mind.

A busy day was had. My Mom joined along and sat by the bank reading a book, while my Dad and I hit the lake fishing. It was an active day as the fish were biting and hungry.

Not much fly fishing here as my Dad doesn't do that. (and with one eye is can be difficult for him to judge distances.) However, while trolling away, I had my first two fish on at the same time, one on each rod. While we paused the boat so I could reel them in my Dad cast out and caught his first fish of the day as well. First 3 fish were 2 brook trout, and a cutthroat. As is my standard custom, the cutthroat was immediately released. The brookies added to the stringer. As the day continued on the fish kept hammering at the lures. In most cases if they missed the first hit, they would come back and hit it a second and third time. It was a bit windy, but as long as we stayed towards the north shore we were shielded from the wind and able to do well. The fish are starting to rise, but again the wind wasn't calm enough to let them rise on a regular basis. By days end, a total of 12 fish were landed, about a half dozen more LDR's. Some small duns and midges were hatching in the calmer sections, and I saw at least one female dropping eggs. Most fish appeared to be rising to the larger terrestrials that were being blown off the northern shore.

Overall it was a successful day. 7 brookies and 1 rainbow trout were brought home to feed the family. My grandfather was happy, and though his weight is down because he hasn't been eating enough, he went back for seconds on the fish. Definitely something that made us all a bit happy. It was nice to see my grandfather so happy about a meal. And also my Dad catching his first real trout and figuring out just how strong they can be. Dad was very surprised when near the end of the day, as I was turning the boat back into the shallower water while in 30' water he had a strike and the fish quickly made its way to the bottom (Our lures were swimming at 4') and got him hung up in some rocks. Unfortunately that fish got away, but it showed him the true power of trout.

Below is a picture of the lake with the cirque towers in the background.


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