Monday, August 30, 2010

Rinse and Repeat, same river next day

Got back out yesterday to the same river, but decided to head north this time from the bridge. Above the bridge is a nice deep pool where several fish were feeding. As if on queue for Saturday's sure hookups, I had 3 LDR's for the day. One of them put up a good fight, and I probably horsed him to much trying to keep him out of some rocks. Overall it was a great day.

Now here's the weird part of the fishing weekend. For flies, they would only take "drowned" small flies. I tried every sort of nymph I could think of without any luck. No action, or action, it didn't matter.They weren't interested. I went back to surface flies, and they would get a little bit of action. But every time I got a hit, except for one, it was a sub-surface hit of the fly making its way down the current. Adding any weight on the line to get it deeper made it so that they ignored the fly. Additionally, in most cases, I had to "get their attention" by giving the fly a couple of subtle strips. Generally once I had their attention they'd either investigate or hit the fly outright.

Have any of you ever experienced this? What fly would you recommend using in this situation. They were never interested in terrestials either. I tried ants and beetles. This part of the river is to high country for hoppers at 9100' elevation.

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