Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hunting for a Brown Trout

Today I decided it was time to catch a brown trout, since I have never caught one before, so I hit up the North Popo Agie River which has a healthy population of Browns.

I got on the water around 11am or so, and started working my way on the stream. I saw quite a few fish, they were very spooky in the crystal clear water. as soon as I could see the water they seemed to be spooked. I found that it was best to be about 30 feet or so downstream from where I intended to fish and cast upstream. This way they didn't seem to get as spooky. Unlike some other areas the fish would give you only one shot at the fly. If they didn't like it, or missed the strike they normally wouldn't come back for seconds. I believe this is the case, because the only public access area for this stream is close to Lander and thus the area receives a lot of fishing presure.

Fished a nice foam hopper that seemed to attract the most attention. After a couple of mis strikes and one LDR, I managed to land my first brown trout.

I contined moving upstream and found a nice deep hole with a wonderful seam in it. On my second cast, I hooked into a large Cutt that was at least 20 inches from what I saw. Unfortunately the fight was brief and he got away. The spot is marked, and I'll return for this guy soon though!! Shortly there after, I managed to catch this brown as well.

I contiued moving along the stream until I reached the end of the access area. I hooked into a couple more fish including one while I was snacking on a protein bar and my fly laying in what I thought was unproductive water! Heh. However the browns were good at their acrobatics and each time they would get away when they got a good high jump on me.

It was fun and nice to hit yet another new area for me. This stream does have some big fish in it, and hopefully some day I can can get on the stream on a cloudy day or in th evening.

Until next time, tight lines all.

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