Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Fly Fishing

Well the fall weather here has been unbelieveable. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get out on the rivers to enjoy it as my weekends have been busy. Well this weekend, I finally decided to go out. However my plans were almost scuttled as my wife has come down with a cold and called in sick to her work today.

After having several conversations with her, i made sure it was ok for me to head out and go fishing. To make it more agreeable, we agreed that I needed to fish somewhere that I still had cell phone coverage. So I hit up the North Popo Agie river again. The brown trout spawn is on, and the fish were not nearly as popular as the last time I hit this stream. I was treated with a beautiful brown working his way up a run through, with a full body out of water jump. Was a site to see the big guy.

It was significantly cooler today (about 10 degrees) and mostly cloudy. I worked my way upstream again this time around. Around noon or so, a BWO hatch started coming off. And by 12:15 fish were rising. I had my fly from the August swap, an Elk Hair Caddis with antron underwing and micro tube ribbing in chartreuse on with a BWO trailing it. Oddly enough, this brown below hit the Elk Hair Caddis and not the BWO. Go figure!! After I hooked him, I quickly got him to the reel, and brought him into net. Before netting him, he managed to make 3 runs on me, which was quite fun. He had good shoulders on him.

After a couple of pictures to admire him, he was released back into the river to fight another day. This was the only fish to find my flies today. There were more in a few spots, but I just had trouble getting the right presentation to them. Not sure how many more opportunities I'll have to get outside this year, but hopefully at least one more!

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