Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Fly trip of 2011

 I have managed to get away a couple of times, and last week made it up to one of my favorite fishing holes and wow, were the fish hungry.

There was not a hatch going on. I have had terrible luck nymphing, but was bound and determined to be successful today. So I tied on a golden Stone nymph, and a san juan worm (later I switched to a prince nymph, cuz I lost my last Stone nymph). I put on an indicator, and started casting. Pretty soon I was hooked into my first fish. As he got closer, I saw that he was a grayling. Got him in the net, and while I was getting out the camera, he decided he was shy, so he wiggled free from the net and went on his way. None the less, just a few minutes later, I hooked this rainbow.


The fishing was a little slow for a while, cloudy and sprinkles off and on. At noon, I took a small break to eat some lunch and let the water rest. Well I'm glad I did. I got back on the water at 12:24 and on my first cast caught this rainbow. His gill has a nice section removed, from what I'm guessing is an old war wound from something!

From this point on the fishing was fantastic, virtually every cast would produce a rainbow in the 10-14" range. Then a few minutes later, I had this little surprise happen:

My very first double. The rainbow trout u see in the front took the prince nymph, while my only brook trout of the day took the worm. Landing two fish at once in a net is very difficult. Both fish were in the 10-12" class.



Most fish caught were in the 8-12" range. Overall a fishing day like this now has given me the confidence to use nymphs whenever I need to.

In other news, a grizzily was recently recorded on our mountain range... This is the farthest south one has been recorded for us. So now it looks like I'll be carrying bear spray into my home fishing grounds.