Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brown Trout Hunting

Well this morning I managed to get out of the house for a morning of fly fishing a local river loaded with Brownies. I started off the morning with a Humpy fly. Not much happened with that, so I switched up to a hopper. There was sporadic surface action, and after a couple of missed hits on the hopper, I decided to put on a nymph and see what I could find in the next hole.

So I quietly got myself into position, made a few shorter casts on the near side seam. After working that area, I put my cast into the current. The current moved the fly quickly, and pushed it into a nearby seam. Then my indicator just stopped and slowly sank. I set the hook, and felt the tank of a fish on the other end. You see, I decided to take out my 3wt again, even though I know this river can produce some very nice trout. It seemed like it took forever, before I got my first glimpse. Then I got excited. This was easily the largest trout I've fought while fly fishing. Everytime, he started to get close, and I made a move with my net, he'd take off and take off a bunch of line with him.  Eventually, I was able to wear him out enough that I was able to make a swing motion with the rod, and bring him into the net. I took a couple pictures of him in the net, hook still in his mouth. I then wet my hand and prepared to remove the hook, when the barbless hook had already fallen out. So I picked him up and posed for a quick picture. I put him back into the stream, and within a couple of seconds, he was ready to go and took off.

18" Brown Trout

I decided to take a small break since he thrashed the hole pretty good, and ate my breakfast. After that, I started fishing again. Soon enough, I caught a little small brown that was no more than 5" in length near the end of the run. There was this nice fishy spot though, where I could make a cast between two overhanging tree branches and beneath it the main current channel in the stream. I cast my fly into the spot, one of those rare times I made a perfect cast. As I watched my indicator drift perfectly down the seam, I heard a large splash just to my left. I turned my head quickly, and when I looked back, my indicator was gone. I quickly panicked, jerked the rod, and felt the tug of a nice fish on the other end. I quickly got him onto the reel. He didn't have the muscle to pull the drag much, but he eventually succumbed and ended up in my net. Just as before, the hook fell out of his upper lip as soon as their was slack on the line. I took a picture of him in the net, but he would not cooperate with a hand held picture.

14" Brown Trout
Afterwards, I had a few more bites, in one case, I had another decent brown hooked up, but he ran straight at me full speed, working the hook loose. Towards the end of my morning of fishing, I hooked into one more ok size brown trout. He took to the air (abnormal I'd say!)  and was able to shake the hook. By the end of my day the Prince Nymph that has been serving me so well on recent trips was officially retired. It's just been shredded by trout teeth!


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