Thursday, August 4, 2011

Camping 2011 - Day 3... Boating, Family, Fishing

Day 3 arrived, and I was up and at it early that morning. I made myself some pancakes for breakfast, then launched the boat into the lake for the first time finally all week. My goal was to catch enough trout to feed my wife and me. So this means, trolling. I was fishing for about 15 minutes when the winds started blowing. While heading downwind on the lake was relatively easy, heading up wind was very difficult. I had started trolling with two polls, but with the wind, I switched up and decided to only troll with one. I caught a brookie early on. Eventually I stopped having luck with a gold Jake's that I switched over to silver. I then caught my 2nd brookie of the day. It was getting close to 11am, when my wife was planning to arrive at the campsite. I was making my last pass when I hooked into a nice rainbow. He put up a nice fight, partly because the anti-reverse on my reel decided to malfunction and stayed in the off position no matter what. I finally got him landed in the boat. Put him on the stringer then, headed to shore.

As I was cleaning the fish, Katy and my darling daughter arrived. We spent the afternoon enjoying a campfire, some smores and hot dogs for lunch.

Darling Daughter playing

Mom and Darling Daughter

Dad and Darling Daughter
Around 5pm or so my wife packed up and headed back down the mountain. Meanwhile I geared up with my waders and my 6 wt rod and proceeded over to one of my favorite holes. However, there was a grandfather and kid on the other side. Not terrible, but the kid did not understand fishing quietly. Three times while I was there, the top half of his pole went flying into the water. I let them have the water, and fished some other areas nearby waiting for them to move on. After a while, they moved up stream so that Grandpa could drop a fly in the pockets of the stream.

About five minutes after they left, I started catching fish...

I continued fishing catching a fish here and there...

By this time the fish were surfacing pretty regularly to small midges. I put a griffith's Gnat on my line and tossed it out, eventually hooking my last fish of the night. As it was getting dark, and I was getting hungry, I decided to call it a day...

Last Fish of the trip.
I spent the evening enjoying my dinner, my beagle who had come with Mom and daughter stayed with me also got to spend the evening with me.

The next morning I packed up camp and headed down the mountain. For dinner my wife and I had great trout, and wow that Rainbow tasted really well compared to the brookies. I may have to start keeping a few more rainbows next time I catch fish for dinner.

Tight Lines!

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