Monday, August 1, 2011

Camping 2011 - The Hike

For Father's Day, Katy got me a nice backpack that is perfect for hauling my wading gear on a hike. I decided that I would put it to use in grand style. Most of my previous trips have been a maximum of 1 mile into the back country. This time, I'd be hiking 3 miles into the Middle fork of the Popo Agie River.

The hike into the river requires me going up and over this hill side...

10 minutes into my hike, I was able to look over my shoulder and see where I started...

I was also given the opportunity to view Roaring Fork Mountain.

The hike in is rather short uphill, but very long downhill. I start at 8,800 feet roughly, ascend to just over 9,000 in the first mile, then make my way down to 8,200 feet. The last 600 feet is a straight downhill, with no level areas... important to know for the trip back!

After hiking for an hour and a half, I was greeted with a nice deep pool of clear water, loaded with brook trout.

The trout were not shy at all...

After setting this brookie free, my fly was laying on the water, dragging, about 3 feet in front me while I was getting more fly line out... This little guy happily took the fly... not caring about how it was being presented.

As a treat, here is an underwater shot. Can you see the Brookie? (Click the image to make it larger)

After a while, I took a break on a rock ledge, with this little eddy in front of me.

While drinking water, eating lunch, and taking in the sites, a trout kept feeding on the left edge in the dark spot. A trout can't keep teasing me like that, so when I was finished, I dropped my fly in the hole and out popped...

After this point, I'm getting tired, and realizing that I have a long difficult hike back. It is a lot of uphill climbing, often times, feeling like I'm going up an endless stair case. The hike back takes me a total of 2 and a half hours. But I happily made it back.

From there, I went out to civilization to let my wife know that I made it back to camp safely. While talking to my wife, I saw the remains of one of the 2 plane crashes in our mountains from this past winter being trucked out. Additionally, my wife told me of a mountain rescue that took place earlier that morning via helicopter from a women who fell and broke both ankles. (I could hear the helicopters during my hike ferrying out the plane and the women).

After we were done chatting, I drove over to the Little Popo Agie River fork, and managed to full a small brookie into taking the dry fly I had used earlier. I hadn't planned on making this trip to fish, so I didn't have any flies on me but the one I used earlier. The fish here are much more educated, thus they require different flies to full.

At 6pm, I left, and headed back to camp for dinner. Upon finishing my dinner, I decided I wasn't finished. I went back to my favorite hole, rigged up for nymphing and caught another 6 fish.

I fished until 9, went back to camp, built a small fire relaxed for the evening then headed off to bed, reminiscing how I managed to catch so many fish from 3 different waters.

Tight Lines.

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