Friday, September 23, 2011

1 Wrong step... 1 Loud Ripping Noise

Yesterday afternoon, I took my wife out fly fishing for the first time (and I don't think it'll be the last). While we didn't catch anything is was nice, relaxing for us both, and fun. I wasn't paying close enough attention, and stepped off the bank into the river at one point into waist deep water. As I was catching myself, I heard this loud fabric ripping noise. I thought I had just blown out my waders. I did manage to catch myself and didn't get wet, though I was standing in the river when I did catch myself. My wife was laughing at me pretty good. I checked out my waders, and no holes, phew I didn't rip em out!

Anyways, the really interesting part, is that I redid my SA Wally World special reel to be retrieved for a righty (I'm lefty). It even had the SA line that came with the rod still on it. Though to help her out, I put it on my BPS Wind River 6wt rod. I also brought along my 3 wt rod, incase she found that easier to cast. About midway up through the first run she wanted to try out the 3 wt. So I switched up. For kicks, I wanted to see how this rod cast out. Wow! It was casting effortlessly a LONG ways for me. Better than with the Bass Pro fly line that came with that rod combo. I was truly amazed. I was casting a dry fly much farther than ever before and the water drops were as soft as could be. I truly found that to be amazing.

We didn't catch anything on the trip, but her casting improved quite a bit as we worked our ways upstream. Of course, towards the end, her arm was getting tired, her mechanics fell apart, and I spent the last 20 minutes undoing the worlds worst wind knots. heh Overall I think she'll go fly fishing again with me.

After we returned to the truck, I took off my waders, and found the source of the rip... my jeans had blown open and I had nice airconditioning down below. So long for that pair of jeans. We saw plenty of brown trout, but couldn't get them to go after anything nymph or dry fly wise.

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