Monday, March 19, 2012

Introductions to Fly Fishing

For my birthday this year my wife got me the gift of a guided trip on the Grey Reef of the N. Platte River, outside Casper, Wyoming. Originally she was supposed to come along for the trip as well. But being only the occasional fisher-lady, she forgot about the trip and planned to host a dinner get together with some of her friends the night before our trip. As a result, we called up my Dad and asked if he wanted to make a trip out from Ohio and go on the trip with me. He said yes. It was his first time fly fishing, so through some friends in the fly fishing world, I found the guys at Mad River Outfitters who would be able to give him a quick lesson.

So Thursday arrives. I spend the early part of the morning cleaning the house for the party that night. I then head on my way to Casper to pick up Dad. As I'm approaching the airport, I see Dad's airplane coming over the mountain, and then across the road as he makes his final approach.
Dad's plane crossing the highway
After picking him up at the airport, we head over to Sportsman Warehouse and grab him a pair of waders, boots and fleece liners to help keep out the chilly wind that is being forecast. We also pick up his fishing license.

We then head out to the N. Platte River. I take him the scenic way so that he can grab a nice view of Fremont Canyon.
Looking upstream at Fremont Canyon
We then arrive to the Cardwell public access area below Pathfinder damn. As expected, there are a few other fisherman on the river. As approach the river, Dad being new to the fly fishing game walks next to the river and spooks a nice rainbow. As the day moves along, we both get into our casting groove, my Dad getting more practice, and me shaking my rust from the long winter. We have no luck on this day, though I did have a strike.

To Be Continued...

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