Monday, May 28, 2012

Fly of the Week: Hackled X-Caddis

This week's fly of the week is a modified version of Bob Jacklin's X-Caddis. His version of the fly doesn't have any hackle on it. and rides a bit lower in the water. I like this version since it floats easier and needs less dressings to keep it floating. Also be sure to look at the end for a killer modification that makes Brookies go crazy.

Hackled X-Caddis


  • Hook: Standard Dry fly Size 12-16. (Pictured on size 14)
  • Thread: Olive 70 denier
  • Body: Tan Possum/Antron Dubbing
  • Hackle: Grizzly Hackle
  • Tail: Florescent Green Antron
  • Wing: Cow Elk Hair

Tying Steps

  1. Tie on your thread about half way down the hook, and wrap a layer reward. Tie in the Antron Shuck. Trim so it goes just beyond the end of the hook.
  2. Tie in a Grizzily hackle by the base first, shiny side out.
  3. Apply dubbing wax to about 1.5" of thread and touch the dubbing to the thread.Wrap the thread forward, periodically pushing the dubbing rearward as you take the thread to the tie in point for the elk hair.
  4. Now wrap the hackle forward and tie it off. Keep the rest of your hackle for later.
  5. Cut a clump of elk hair, stack it by the tip and tie to the hook. Use several wraps both on and in front of the hair.
  6. Cut the base of the hair close and cover with wraps.
  7. Take the remaining hackle from earlier and it in by the tip near just in front of the hair.
  8. Wrap the Hackle providing a lot of base and tie off.
  9. Cut off any remaining hackle and whip finish.

Memorial Day Bonus Modification

Brook trout seem to love red, so I like to add a tail of red antron as the trailing shuck. This will be absolute killer on brook trout in my experience. Try it out yourself. The pictured Caddis Fly uses Peacock Herl for the body instead of dubbing. But I feel that both bodies work equally well.

Bloody Butt Caddis

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