Monday, May 21, 2012

Fly of the Week: Sparkle Caddis Emerger

Welcome to my newest feature... Fly of the week. Each Monday I will be posting a fly that I use on the waters here in Wind River country. This week's feature is one of my favorite flies. It works well being dead drifted, can be skated across the water, or on the swing. The materials of this fly allow it to sit low in the water.

The shuck on the back resembles female caddis flies laying her eggs, with an egg sack, or an emerging caddis fly with a trailing shuck. I have had the best luck with this fly on brown trout. Though, I've also had luck with Rainbows and brookies.

Hook: Standard Dry Fly - Size 10-16. (tied on size 12 in the picture)
Thread: Olive 140 Denier
Body: Chartreuse micro tubing
Underwing/Tail: Olive Antron (Feel free to change this color)
Wing: Elk Hair Body


Step 1.Tie on your thread near the front, about one eyelet length behind the eye. Lay in a base wrap down to just past the barb.Then run your thread back to the front.

Step 2.Tie in the Micro tubing and run it on the bottom side of the hook to the rear.

Step 3.
Tie in the Antron at the rear and run your thread forward to a 1/3rd of the way down from the eyelet.

Step 4.Make tight wraps with the tubing to the position of the thread in the opposite direction that your thread is. Tie it off and clip the excess.

Step 5.
Tie in the Antron, leaving a small loop that extends just past the end of the hook.

Step 6.
Clip off Elk Body Hair and brush out the underfur. Stack the hair. Position the hair on the hook so that the tips are even with the Antron Loop. Tie it it with 2 loose wraps then pull tight. I find it easiest to put the hair on the near side of the hook and let the tightening process shift the wing to the top. Put a couple more wraps on the hair, then pull back the base of the hair and make 3-5 wraps in front. Then go back and put another 3-5 wraps over the wing. Lastly bring your thread back in of the hair and tie it off with a whip finish.

Step 7.
Trim the base of the hair to form a small head. Lastly, put a dab of head cement on the wraps over the wing and in front where your whip finish is.

Other Tips
I like to put some floatant grease on the underside and on the head when I fish this fly. Also don't be afraid to tie off an unweighted dropper to attract more fish as well.

This Brown approves of the fly!

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