Monday, June 4, 2012

Fly of the Week: CDC Suspending Midge

This week's fly is one of my goto flies when tiny flies are hatching on the streams in the Wind River area. The white CDC makes it easier to spot in low light conditions, though many times, I fish this fly behind a size 14 or so Adams.

CDC Suspending Midge


Hook: Standard Dry Fly Hook, Size 20.
Thread: Gray Uni-thread 6/0
Body: Silver Flashabou
Thorax: Gray Muskrat Dubbing
Wing: White CDC Feather


  1. Wind on the thread at the mid point and tie in the Flashabou. Wind the thread to the rear, to right at the bend. Then bring the thread forward to between the barb and point of the fly.
  2. Apply the dubbing in a noodle to the thread and wrap forward to just within an eye length of the eye.
  3. Tie in the CDC feather and bring it backwards. Then bring your thread back to the front again.
  4. Bring the feather forward and tie it off leaving a small hump. Make sure plenty of fibers are going beyond that.
  5.  Bring the feather to the eye, build a head, and whip finish.
Feel free to tie with other color CDC feathers. Tying in the feathers this way, allows the midge to appear more vertical in the water column.

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