Monday, June 11, 2012

Fly of the Week: Golden Bugmeister

This week's pattern is something that I came across from a vendor that I purchase flies from on a periodic basis. Yes, I do happen to buy some flies ,especially the more complex ones that just take to much time to tie on my own! This week's pattern is a great pattern that in my opinion imitates a Stone Fly, Hopper, or even a caddis fly. It can easily be modified by using slightly different hook styles. The original pattern uses a 2XL pattern for example. However this week I will be showing it tied on a standard dry fly hook.

Golden Bugmeister


Hook: Size 8-14 Dry fly hook or 2XL hook. (Size 10 standard dry fly shown)
Body: Orange Haretron
Tail: Natural Light colored Elk Hair
Wing: Natural light colored Elk Hair and crystal flash
Parachute: Grizzily Hackle (Magnum Grizzily Hackle seems to work a little easier
Post: White Poly Yarn
Thread: Danville Waxed 6/0 Black.


Apply thread to midpoint of the hook.
Cut a small clump of elk hair and stack it. Then tie in elk hair, approximately half the hook length behind the tail. Trim off the base of the tail.

Tie in the poly yarn. Do not make it upright yet. Leaving it down will make it easier to apply the elk hair wing.

Apply dubbing from the rear tie in point and bring it forward to about midway.

Take a slighty larger clump of elk hair and stack it. Cut the bases short as it makes it easier to tie into the hook. Tie in the Elk hair wing. To get it to stand a slight bit more upright be sure to pull the hair upwards and make two-three wraps under the hair. Trim off as much of the base as possible.

Cut some flash that is the same length as the wing and tie in at the same point. 2 to 4 strands is all you need.

Apply dubbing here as well. Also now you want to stand the yarn upright.

Tie in a grizzily hackle (Magnum grizzly shown) at the base of the parachute post by the base of the feather.

Wrap the feather around the post 3 times and tie it off. Break off the tip of the feather. I like to save these feather tips, because they work perfect for  the Adams!

Apply for dubbing to make the head of the fly.

Whip finish and you're done!
Have an opinion on the step by step instructions?

Have a good one!


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