Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Five

Each week I'm going to post 5 links that I came across that caught my attention and are definitely worth sharing with others.


Unaccomplished Angler - Things Change Fast
A great reminder that tis the season for fires, and to please be extra cautious, along with some imagery of what it was like just a short month ago on the Firehole in YNP.

Mysteries Internal - On Playing Poker
Nice article that reminds people why they fish, it's not always about the fishing.

Outside Online - The Art of the Day Trip
Most important lesson... please get your children outside!

County10 - Lucky Dog
Yesterday a fire consumed Lander's community center. After the fire was out, and the dog owner, assumed his dog had perished in the fire, this guy emerged from the ashes. Unbelievable that he survived the fire, as nearly the entire building was consumed.

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