Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Five

Each week, I'll link to 5 things that you should take the time to read during your morning coffee over the weekend. Enjoy!

  • Win a Vedavoo Tightlines Sling Pack - I used to work with Scott when he lived here in Wyoming. Great guy, and his growing company is fun to watch. This pack is on my wish list in part due to Eat More Brook Trout's review! (And the fact that they make a Lefty version!)
  • Small Stream Assault - Added this one, because this will be happening to us in about a month when my family visits! Wife, and my Dad will be taking on some mountain streams!
  • Kevin Proctor Fund - I'll let the site explain it, but the guy is genuinely a nice guy, and makes some beautiful rods. Also check out his site. His work was featured by the Denver Post for his military veteran rods.
  • Small Stream Addicts - New Blog that caught my interest and has been added to my blog roll.
  • Wild Trout do better than Stockers! - From the department of Duh! Wild Hoback River cutties doing better now that they stopped stocking the river.

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