Monday, September 10, 2012

Need a Bigger Net, Short Fishing Day, and a Rainbow

As part of my job, I am on call once week every 7 to 8 weeks. As things worked out, I was on call for Labor Day weekend. As part of the deal, we take a half day off to make up for the fact that we are tethered to our phone, thus unable to enjoy the things that Wyoming offers. So, as a result I decided to take a Monday afternoon off, drive down to Lander and hit one of my favorite streams, the North Popo Agie river.

After gearing up, I hiked 15 minutes to one of my favorite holes. On my 2nd or 3rd cast, I had a strike, felt the fish, but unable to get a hook set. Not to bad I thought. It looked to be a small brown trout. I put my double nymph rig into a nice looking spot, a very slow drift. As it was drifting, I saw two large carp in the water, and they made their way over to my flies. My indicator, just did the slightest of turns in the water, almost like when your fly just bumps something on the bottom, but seeing that the carp were right next to my fly, I set the hook. I was quickly rewarded with a solid pull, and the carp running downstream take the line with him. I gathered him to the reel very quickly, at which point, he decided to test the drag of my Orvis Clearwater Reel. The battle was on. I would work him a bit, and then he'd take off again. This would go on for several minutes, finally I was able to start getting his head to the surface. I could see the lead fly stuck into the top of his lip. He continued to battle. Finally he was spent, I got him upstream of me, and as he turned his head downstream, I scooped him into the net. Another first! The Golden bone, aka, the common carp was in my net.

I think I need a bigger net!
By my guessimate, he was probably around 8 lbs. Afterwards, I found my arms were very tired, and extremely shaky. So I took a small break before gathering my fly rod and making a cast. Also I figured this would give the hole a chance to rest.

Having no further luck, I started moving a bit upstream, when my phone dinged with a text message. I took a minute pulled it out, and saw a text from my wife the meteorologist warning that it was about to get windy. I took it in stride, figuring if it got real windy, I'd just cast downwind or sit and take a break. However, the wind, also brought thunder. I saw the clouds, but figured it was just rain. Upon hearing the thunder I started hoofing it to my truck. However, a couple of strikes in the less than 1 second range had me looking for cover. As luck would have it a rancher was racing to cover up some stuff nearby. A quick call out to him, and he let me hang out under his porch until the lightning subsided.

Watching the storm from the comfort of a porch
I sat on the porch watching the rain, and eating a Clif bar (Love those things when I'm out fishing!) After about 15 minutes or so, the thunder subsided, and I headed back out. I fished a couple more holes, but quickly noticed another storm that looked much worse coming in. At this point, I decided to head straight to the truck, bypassing several fish, including one hole that I earlier saw have a nice 16" brown in it.

Ominous storm in the distance
I made it safely back to the truck, but decided not to breakdown my gear, or get out of my waders, as I felt the storm was just to close. By the time I was in the truck, the storm looked even worse.

That is a nasty storm
On the drive home, I had one of the craziest downpours in a long time.

Fun times...
Now my afternoon of fishing was cut short by 2 hours. Unfortunate, but on the bright side of nearly every storm in Wyoming is a rainbow. Now I bet when you saw the title included rainbows, you thought I was talking about the trout! Fooled you!!

The bright side today was the joy of picking up my daughter from daycare and watching how much fun she has playing there, then coming home and letting her jump in rain puddles for the first time.

Until next time, tight lines!



  1. Aha! Some Rocky Mountain Gold. Congratulations on your first adventure with the fly rod for them. Happy to see you stayed safe during the rain. Yup, you got me on the title. Me being the Rainbow Chaser.......!

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