Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Part two of fishing with my Dad

After returning from our family trip to Jackson, my Dad and I had 4 days to go fishing. Up first, was a spot guaranteed to catch fish on the fly rod. We made our way up to Worthen Meadows Reservoir and fished one of my favorite spots on the lake. As a result we both caught a lot of fish, and giving my father the better spot, I'm fairly certain he outfished me. At one point while we were fishing, I lost 4 fish in a row. I finally decided to take a look at my fly and noticed that the point was broke off, just above the barb. Well that explains that problem! This was the first time I've ever had a hook break on me. I don't recall hitting anything behind me, so maybe the hook was defective, or I caught it on a rock or something. Who knows. But I do know that after replacing the fly I started landing fish again. The day was a mix of rainbows and brookies.

The next day, we didn't go fishing. I needed his help to bring some cabinets home to make our new pantry. So we messed around the house and played with my daughter outside of our trip to the hardware store.

Wednesday, we decided to go explore some new water that was enticing to us both on our drive back from Jackson. We headed up to the Wind River, outside Dubois. This was a case where I realized just how much having depth perception is needed. My Dad has only one eye, thus has a hard time judging depth and size of rocks under the water, which made for a rough day wading the freestone river. Very soon, I'll be investing in a wading staff for me to use when needed, and also for him to have whenever we go wade fishing in the future.

Overall that trip went well for me, as I hooked 6 fish, only bringing two to net. A nice brown, and a small rainbow.
Wind River Brownie
After the day was done, we headed home, and got some ice on my Dad's ankle. He was battered, but still ready to fish. 

On Thursday we took the boat out to Bass Lake to do some bass fishing, primarily with standard tackle. I got on the board first with a nice large mouth, about 200 feet off the boat ramp.

First Bass of the morning
We continued to fish, along the weed line, both of us hooking up and bringing in fish regularly. The winds were calm, so I decided, it's time to see if I can get myself a bass on the fly rod.

For this fishing adventure, I decided to use my Orvis TLS Power Matrix 9 weight. It's a big hefty rod that handles large bass flies with ease. It didn't take long, I finally caught my first bass on the fly rod.

Another first on the fly rod!
Eventually the fishing slowed, and as we started to move towards a new area, my Dad got a decent fish on the line. The fish gave quite a few jumps, but eventually yielded and came to the boat.

Dad holds up a nice Largemouth bass
The day closed out quite warm. We decided, since we were out of water to keep ourselves hydrated it was time to head in. We loaded up the boat, and headed for town. It was quite the trip as usual with my Dad. They spent almost 2 weeks in Wyoming, we fished 5 of the days that they were here, and saw the sights in Jackson/ Teton National Park.

These are the trips that I look forward to every summer. I'm already excited and looking forward to their next trip to Wyoming!



  1. My father can no longer fish. Enjoy these times with all your heart.

  2. I truly do. My Dad never fly fished until this past spring! But we've gone fishing every summer since '08 now. I hope that continues for a long while.

  3. Cherish these times and memories of fishing with your father. You guys had some fun fishing during your trips. Can't beat that!

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